It goes without saying, the facial aesthetics market is a competitive one. There are so many cosmetic clinics to choose from, so many cosmetic injectable treatments to consider, in fact, there is so much information out there you’re probably wondering what’s true and what’s false……but how do you find out more?  Always remember, you don’t need to know everything about your treatment, but a little bit of information can go a very long way….

Selecting the Right Practitioner

Having a Botox treatment or any cosmetic injectable treatment for that matter, is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.  And the big question that most people ask themselves is ‘who is the person who will be holding that needle’…….in other words, who will be administering your treatment and what’s more, are they qualified to do so?

Ask Questions

Well there’s only one way to find out more information and that is to ask.

Don’t be afraid to ask your practitioner about their training and how long they’ve been administering injectable treatments.  This will determine their overall competency and will give you more confidence knowing that you’re in experienced and safe hands.  Ask how many treatments they carry out.  It could be 2 per month or it could be 200 and this is the reason you need to ask.  Ask if they belong to a recognised professional body and if so who?

Will you receive the best possible treatment?

You need to do your research…. looking at reviews is a good starting point and a great way of finding out how good a Botox practitioner is.  Another way is by personal recommendation which is probably the most reassuring way because you can speak to that person and see the results for yourself.  However, always remember that not everyone is prepared to own up to the fact that they actually have injectable treatments! 

Your pre-treatment Consultation

As the saying goes, it’s good to talk…. that’s exactly why any reputable clinic will offer you a pre-treatment consultation, without obligation.  This is where you can ask as many questions as you like, you can ask to look at their gallery of before and after photos so you can actually see the results for yourself.  Don’t forget, most people are nervous about their first injectable treatment, so fact-finding is important before making your decision and this can be done during your consultation with the practitioner. Also, never feel obliged during or after your consultation to go ahead with your treatment…..this after all is your decision and yours alone!

We look forward to seeing you at Your Cosmetic Clinic very soon!