From about 12 years of age I have suffered with constant headaches. Being a child I was told that I probably just needed glasses and some early nights but nothing made any difference and the headaches continued and I just put up with them. Then when I was 17 I had my first migraine and they continued for years and my whole life centred around headaches and migraines and how I was going to deal with them.

If you’re a migraine sufferer you’ll know that they can come out of nowhere and bring you down instantly or they build up over the day and last for hours or even days.

Every day was the same, I would wake up with a headache and go to bed with a migraine.

It affected my whole life, taking sick days because of migraines was always frowned upon in the workplace but there were days when I couldn’t even move my head because of the searing pain. I missed so many social events because I couldn’t stand the noise, I cancelled family days out and would spend day after day in a dark room lying in bed, hoping that this invisible beast would stop and my life could go back to normal.

When the doctors finally decided I was suffering enough they prescribed me a cocktail of medication, muscle relaxers, migraine preventers, painkillers and then triptans. All the different combinations still did very little to help get me get my life back on track.

I spent years trying alternative therapies but still there was nothing that could help me and by the time I was 35 I’d resigned myself to the fact that I would always be a sufferer and had almost given up on trying to enjoy my life.

It was after a very bad bout of migraines which lasted nearly 3 weeks that I couldn’t believe just how much they were affecting me, not only the pain but how I looked and how worn out and miserable I felt.

It was then, by compete accident, that I came across what I know call my ‘secret weapon’

A friend of mine suggested having a cosmetic treatment in the hope that it would cheer me up and make me look feel just a little better about myself. She had an appointment at Your Cosmetic Clinic in Salisbury so I just tagged along with her and had a consultation with one of the clinic’s doctors at the same time. I decided to have some Botox to smooth out my frown lines and crow’s feet and more importantly to make me feel better about myself after such a cruelling 3 weeks of migraines.

The procedure was simple and pain free (thank goodness) and I was told that within 2 weeks the Botox treatment would be fully working and should last about four to five months. After 2 weeks the my Botox treatment had fully worked and I was delighted, I felt so much better about my appearance for the first time in a long while. However, fast forward 4 weeks after my treatment and I noticed that my migraines had subsided also, so much so that I had rarely had a headache in during that time, in fact I spent the next 4 months enjoying life, enjoying things hadn’t done for so long due to my migraines.

But nothing last forever and as the Botox began to wear off my headaches slowly reintroduced themselves into my life again and I was asking myself the question, was it the Botox that had reduced my headaches and migraines?

I had to find out so I booked a further appointment and asked the doctor if it was possible that Botox could help relieve migraine pain. Were there any studies to prove this and most importantly, why didn’t I know about this. All those years of suffering and missing out on so much and there was a treatment out there that I could have to help me live a normal life again.

4 years on, my whole life has changed for the better, I suffer with maybe 4 or 5 migraines a year compared to 4 a week before my Botox treatments.

This is a true story from one of our regular clients. Through the use of Botox we were able to change her life for the better. You can book a free consultation and find out more on this treatment here